Salon ICE
We are designing a new Boutique Salon in Nashville, TN.  It will be located at the corner of Church St and 7th Avenue just down the hill from the Sheraton Hotel.  The scheme features a central wall, in which all things are organized.  This "ICE" wall was inspired by the columns of ice that break away from a glacier, then crash into the sea.  The fractured, and piled elements serve to separate each styling station, provide a design feature to be seen from the entire salon, and set up a language of fractured tension that permeates the whole salon.  The ceiling, inspired by the pattern in which water crystallizes, also aides in way finding and provides projection areas in which High Definition video can be viewed from almost anywhere. As an added bonus, the ceiling provides an interesting view as automatic shampoo robots gently massage your head.   Stay tuned for more.
TRINITAS' Proposed Studio

This is a simple representation of the new studio.  It is a small structure that is meant to be portable.  Just like a garden shed, this building can be picked up and placed almost anywhere.  We hope this will demonstrate how a small portable building (or a group of small buildings) can be arranged and used for any number of functions:
Hair Salon
Home Studio
Home Gym
Play Room
Sewing Room
Hobby / Craft Room
Home based office
Class room
Dance Studio

Arranged correctly, and a number of these could be used as a house, or as office suites.  Let  YOUR imagination fly.
Keep watching as progress photos are submitted.

click to see more imagesCenter Hill Lakehouse
(Click picture to see a video about this design)

This is a 1450 sq. ft. tower built on a site who's view of the lake requires an elevated persepctive to see accross the street, and over a bluff.  The L shaped structure is a vacation home with the floors between each leg of the L alternating in height  approximately 4 feet.  The square shaped staircase connecting the two legs of the L winds from the garage level to the entry level to the first bunk-room level to the master-bedroom level (over the garage to the Living room (over the bunk-room) to the kitchen/dining (over the master bedroom) to the roost and roof terrace approximately 55 ft. in the air.  This project was designed to be built on a budget, and features exposed block, cable railing, metal siding, cement fiberboard siding, and asphalt shingles.

  (Click Plan image  to download a PDF about the design)

                                                                               DOWNLOAD PLAN TO VIEW
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