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TRINITAS is changing!!!

For the time being I am suspending all new projects.

 I am undertaking a new and totally absorbing project that I do not recommend for my clients.  For some time now I have been working on a plan for my own home.  I have designed, and planned, and changed, and rearranged countless times.  My wife and family have toiled and struggled, and analysed, and finally settled on a design that I hope will serve my family for years to come, maybe generations.  I am building my own house, with my own hands, with the help of a few friends, and select subcontractors, for SOME of the work.  What I am striving for is a home that encompasses how our family lives, and embodies the design principles that I try to employ.  I want this to be an example to my future clients that demonstrates good design, proper site planning, understanding of family patterns, and the desire for good contemporary design.  Also, I want my clients to understand that good design does not need to break the bank.  It can be accomplished with average budgets, with normal materials, and local labor.  Good design does not need to be imported... At the end of this journey I hope to have a shining example of the sort of work that I am good at, and the kind of architecture my community is ready for.  

Stay tuned as pictures, videos, and progress is posted....

Footings are dug and almost ready to pour!

TRINITAS  is an Architecture + Construction company located in the heart of Tennessee. We chose to locate our business in our hometown of Murfreesboro, not to avoid the traffic of Nashville, but rather to submerge ourselves in the daily operations, needs, and concerns while striving to provide innovative solutions to difficulties and hardships that plague every small town, but especially the town in which we chose to raise our children. We hope that by doing this we can begin to influence a higher standard of the physical environment that will be our children's legacy, but also to inspire the social and economic values that so influence the morality of a community. Civilizations have been measured throughout history by the architecture left behind. It reveals truths about social classes, community values, disparity of wealth, regard for civic and religious power, and the measure of imagination or conformity of a community. We want to insure that the history of our small, but growing town is not void of responsible, clever, and forward thinking icons. We want our community to experience the power of great architecture in projects both large and small. If you feel charged by our directive, please contact us, we would love to hear from you

Custom Homes and Residential Communities
If you can dream it, we can design it. Our master planned communities have received professional recognition. We maintain control throughout the design and construction process to ensure that your residence is built to the highest quality standards. Our communities and custom homes are always exceptionally beautiful, well appointed, and extremely comfortable. We have been creating happy homeowners for over 20 years.

Commercial and Industrial Property
We manage all stages of each project. From the pre-design phase of a project through construction and delivery. We form alliances with investors, contractors, structural engineers, and specialized trades people.

Our Best Foot Forward
We excel in DESIGN.  Our approach to design is considerate of so many things: budget, climate, view, longevity, context, construction method, use, and history, (just to name a few)  the benefit you get from TRINITAS is exceptional design ability, and thoughtful quality.

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